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How To: Caramelize Onions

December 30, 2015 2 Comments

Candy-Sweet, yet Savory...

Caramelized onions bring a sweet, unique flavor to every dish they touch. Savory and tender, these browned beauties add a gourmet flair to hamburgers, pasta dishes or salads. Yum! Although extremely easy to prepare, the delicacy of onions can cause some bumps along the way. 


2-4 large onions • 12" skillet • 1 tablespoon butter • 1 tablespoon oil • 2 tablespoons of wine, vinegar, stock, or water (optional - for deglazing)

You Can't Rush GREATNESS


  • Take your time! You're not sautéing your onions - you are slowly cooking the flavor out of them! This process takes about 45 minutes. 
  • Step 1: Slice the onions:Trim the tip and root from the onions, cut them in half and remove the skins. Slice the onion from root to stem into slices.
  • Step 2:Melt the Butter/Oil Mixture: Make sure your skillet is on medium heat.
  • Step 3:Add your onions: Stir gently to coat with butter.
  • Step 4:Caramelize the onions: This is not a short process! Check on your onions after five minutes, then every 10 until the correct amount of time has passed. If your onions are going from brown to black - adjust the heat. 
  • Step 5: Deglaze (optional): When your onions have finished cooking, add 1/4 cup of wine, vinegar, stock, or water. Deglazing allows your onions to soak up all of the caramelized goodness that has made it's home on your pan. **Highly recommended**


  • Use thinly sliced onions - these burn quickly.
  • Only use butter - butter has a tendency to burn. By combing oil and butter, you are able to get a higher smoking point and complex flavor.
  • Cook all onions at once - Don't cram them all in there! It takes way too long to cook. For a 12" skillet, 2 large onions cook perfectly in 45 min.
  • Crank the heat - Don't cheat and cook your onions on high heat! Not only will they burn but they won't possess that sought out savory flavor. 

Spicemode + Caramelized Onions

At Spicemode, we caramelize all of our onions in house. We believe by directly sourcing the freshest ingredients and producing in only small batches - we are bringing you true, complex flavor. 

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2 Responses


April 06, 2015

Both of these are great. A little sotinhemg I learned with the caramelized onions is to add a tablespoon of brown sugar into them at the beginning. Is that last photo the finished product, because I usually keep mine on for close to an hour and cook them down quite a bit more than that.


April 02, 2015

So happy to see this! Caramelized onions are my neesims. I love the flavor, but its always a struggle. It’s funny, I can make a brisket that melts in your mouth, but I can’t caramelize an onion. Good to see it being done.

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