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Golden Madras
Stephen McLaughlin (Columbia, US)
Great Taste

Definitely the best sauces i have used in a long time for Indian cooking

Masala Spice Trio
Joan Krall (Sarasota, US)
Branching out in the food world

I have been very pleased with the three spices I received. In fact whenever a recipe such as the one I made last evening asks for a spice blend of onion powder or garlic powder and paprika along with salt and pepper I substitute one of my spicemode blends as a rub and then add brown sugar or mustard to pork for example. It becomes juicy and flavorful! Big fan!

Savory Tikka
Jonny Business (Milwaukee, US)

I remember buying this Tikka at the Logan Square Farmer's market. When I ran out I was sad, because Tikka is a fantastic blend. But now I've found your website, and I can enjoy the Tikka once again. And for that, I rejoice.

Must have in every kitchen

Bold flavors. The best Indian spices on the market.

Core Four Seasonings
JL (Roanoke, US)
Use this stuff

I use this everywhere: chicken, burgers, you name it. Gives a new an interesting flavor to many old favorites.

Seasoning Collection
Patrick ODonnell (Phoenix, US)
Always wonderful products

Everything that Spicemode makes is exceptional. High quality and the easiest way to make something delicious.

Seasoning Collection
Berl Thomas (Bradenton, US)

Dear Mr Singh, the order was for my son for Christmas. He loves spicy foods and Indian foods. He has told me he loves the gift but has not tried them yet.

Seasoning Collection
Patricia Williams (Webster, US)
A hit as a Christmas gift!!!

I bought a 'bundle' of spices/sauces as a Christmas gift for a friend who is very much into Indian cooking. He was delighted when he opened the box, but he was even more delighted when he tried the products! He's already used the Masala, and raved about it. He's now planning to rapidly make his way through the rest of the items. I couldn't have picked a better gift. And Amar was incredibly cooperative and accommodating wrt things like shipping times, etc. All in all, a great success!!!

Smokin' Hot Bundle
Priya A (Hamilton, CA)
Can't go wrong

I've been a long time fan, first time reviewer of the Spicemode spices. This combo set really hits the spot. I've used it on taco filling mix as well as mixing the Hot Mirchi and Smoky Tandoor together when making curries. They actually balance out and it created a great note.

From webpage to front door, fast and efficient.

Purchased a couple Spicemode gift sets for holiday gift giving. On top of fast delivery, I was blown away by the thoughtful paper packaging. Beautiful design and construction of the shipping box set… I had to take care to wrap beautifully so as not to be outdone by the contents.
Spicemode has helped me be a better cook with simple additions to chicken and vegetables. Five stars from this mom and her teenage boys. Will buy again!!

Fiery Vindaloo
Shae Rainey (Monterey, US)
Delicious, Quality

I sent Spice Mode to my son and his wife in L.A. Their response was Wow this is delicious and you can taste the quality! They work hard all day and love Spice Mode for the ease it makes for them to have a delicious quality dinner.

Masala Spice Trio
Judith Giebel (Milwaukee, US)
I LOVE SpiceMode

I truly appreciate these very authentic and flavorful helpful for many dishes, sauces, dips. Thank YOU, Amar

Masala Spice Trio
carlos estrella (Folsom, US)

I mainly cook Indian and Middle Eastern food for my family. Usually I run to the neighborhood Indian market to buy my spices to make my own masala and other blends for my curries...
I thought I would try SPICEMODE and see if I noticed a difference and if it was worth the extra price. The answer is yes. I now add SPICEMODE to my soups, BBQ rubs, and even pasta sauces.
Thanks for the recipes and the excellent product.

Masala Spice Trio
Joann Stark (Elburn, US)
Love the Masalas!

There isn’t a spice blend from Spicemode that I don’t love. I can create Indian inspired meals or simply add a tablespoon to a pot of basic stew and create a unique and impressive meal. I love when people taste my stew and ask why it is so delicious! I tell them, but I don’t think they believe how flavorful a spice blend can be. It is the same with sprinkling any of the blends on vegetables before roasting them. Any spice blend on any type of vegetable works! I’ve never had a bad combination.

Sweet Chilifire
Martin Schiff (Orlando, US)
I use it on everything!

I love this spice. I use it on almost everything. It has just the right amount of bite and flavor. I gave a bottle to a Jamaican friend, and she loves it too.

Masala Spice Trio
Ian Mark Sirota (Philadelphia, US)

The spices I purchased are just so flavorful!

Masala Spice Trio
Mark Stephens (Tucson, US)

Thank you, Amar, for making these available. Put simply, they are fantastic. We have begun using them in any, and every, dish that we cook. Old family recipes are being transformed by one of these three. Do not ask me to pick one favorite because I cannot. These three bases - is that the correct word? - are truly amazing. For those considering a purchase, if they are still available, make the purchase. If they are no longer available, do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Spicemode on the chance that they may again be available in future and purchase them then. Mean time, there are plenty of wonderful products available with which to transform your cooking!

Marsiny Mueller (Saratoga Springs, US)
Really tasty

I'm definitely will buy some more.

Fiery Vindaloo
Denise Poole (Rockwall, US)
Great stuff!

LOVE the Fiery Vindaloo with chicken and veggies. Second order of a case! Got the whole fam eating this yummy and easy sauce.

Original Seasoning Trio
Sharon Bretti (Yorktown Heights, US)
The Best Spices

We really love these spices. The Smoky Tandoor is our new go-to spice for seasoning the salmon I make almost weekly. The other spices are great, too.

Savory Tikka
Sarah Scott (Tulsa, US)
Flavorful and Easy!

I used the Savory Tikka seasoning to sprinkle on tofu while sautéing - then I added the Magic Masala sauce and a little Greek yogurt and dinner was ready in about 15 minutes!

Martin Schiff (New York, US)
I love this spice!

I have been using this on everything! Just the right combination of heat and flavor.

Moroccan Kebab
JV (Sheffield, US)

very nicely melded blend--perfect for overall seasoning--and definitely not too sharp, as some blends can be...very earthy and authentic!

Curry Sauce & Core Four Seasonings
John Bennett (Hurricane, US)
Wonderful Change of Pace

I ordered a variety of spices and sauces recently. My cooking had gotten in a flavor rut. I’ve begun using the spices on meat that I grill. Wow! Love them. Just an entirely different flavor profile. Really been using the Moroccan Kebab blend a lot. Additionally, Fiery Vindaloo is getting added to everything now. Delightfully different.

Martin Schiff (Maitland, US)
Fabulous flavor

I've been using this on everything since I got it. Perfect blend of spices.

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