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So Good!!!

I love this! I put it on everything from roasted veggies to pasta!


They came quickly and we are using the spices a day creating delicious food.thank you

Have only tried one of the 3

It was delicious and easy - will let you know about other 2..


These cooking sauces are amazing. They are worth every penny.

Hot Mirchi
Best ever!!

The owner went out his way to resupply me with a seasoning I could not find. Very kind and caring. I am a customer for life.

Great flavors

We have added these to a couple of recipes and they took it to another level! Love them and will be buying again.

Aids in creative cooking

Wonderful subtle flavor that motivates one to a more creative cooking experience. All these spices fall into this category!

1st time customer

I am trying my way through the various products, and have found some that click, and some that don't, but all are excellent taste and as good (well, better) than homemade. Magic Masala is very good, not too spicy hot, though it is filled with spice flavor. I was lazy, and used to bring out the flavor in a dish of rotisserie chicken, Magic Masala and jasmine rice with a few veggies I had (green beans, carrots, some left over spinach....turned my leftovers into a wonderful dish better than any other meal that week.

Golden Madras
Size of jars is a problem

There are four in our family. Although the jar said it would season 2 lbs if food, I didn’t thank it did. One jar isn’t enough, 2 is two much.

Love it!!!

This is a MUST in your pantry!!! Especially, during the pandemic.

Awesome sauce!

Delightful curry in a jar! Better than my local Indian restaurants’ Vindaloo; I add it for increased depth of flavor. Ordering two jars on my next order!

Fiery Vindaloo
Tasty Fiery Vindaloo

This sauce is really tasty and has a nice spicy kick.

I also use it what might not be the standard way - I use it to spice up leftovers such as pasta dishes.


Absolutely delicious.

Absolutely delicious!

This stuff is wonderful and certainly fiery! It might be a good idea to offer it in a slightly less hot form as well. I like hot food, but if I used enough of this to get the spice flavor I like, it comes in a little too hot for me. I'm planning to try some of your other products. Good luck!

So Tasty!!!

Love the sauces that I purchased (the vindaloo and Madras), and will purchase others for sure!

Quite Good

I'm eating the last of 2 jars right now. Absolutely delicious.

Off the Hook!

The Fiery Vindaloo was perfection ... just the right amount of heat, and a ton of flavor! We have one jar left and will most def order again!

1st time customer

Very good service. Easy to order, quick delivery.
My favorite item ordered was the Sweet Chilifire, which I find myself sprinkling on is that good.
I really like the two sauces I got...Vindaloo is my fav...just the right spicy level.

Golden goodness

The Golden Madras cooking sauce was fantastic. We used it on fresh walleye we caught while ice fishing at Lake of the Woods on the Canadian Border. Just a perfect flavor compliment to the fried walleye. It didn’t overpower the great taste of the fish, but definitely enhanced it. My buddy had never tried it before and couldn’t stop raving about it.

Great product!


Great Products, Fabulous Service!

So far, we've used the Fiery Vindaloo and Golden Madras sauces, and both were excellent. I'm also very impressed with the Golden Curry powder, which is my favorite among the many curry powders in my deep arsenal of spices. Great products. I'll certainly be back for more.

Also worth noting is the stellar customer service from Amar. He helped resolve a tricky delivery issue and ensured my order (a gift) would arrive in time for Christmas. Thanks!

This is exactly the kind of super high quality, small independent business that I love supporting. Can't recommend Spice Mode highly enough. Don't just sit there reading reviews...go buy something! You'll be glad you did.


Golden Madras was great. Full bodied flavor, just the right heat. I would be ordering more and trying the other products if they weren't so expensive by the time shipping is added.

Butternut Squash Soup

This golden curry gives my butternut squash soup a wonderful hot kick and beautiful orange color! And now, other reviews I see here make me want to try it on other dishes.

EXCELLENT spice and sauce mixes

Used the vindaloo on some lamb chops-- one of the best vindaloos I've ever had, even in a restaurant. The two curry mixes we've tried have been fragrant and flavorful. Strongly recommend anything from this company.

I ordered 4 jars this time

I enjoy the scents and taste of Indian spices in my cookery, and this is a quick, easy way to get such dishes right.