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Golden Madras

Love Magic Masala

I am delighted with Magic Masala! It works in a number of dishes,,Spaghetti sauce, for example. Get great complements. Thank you.


the taste, the aromas. Just a treat to the palate!

very happy with my order

had a problem with the post office getting my order but finally got that resolved. We have mixed the spices with vegetables and used it as a marinade on chicken. it came out perfectly and taste absolutely delicious. i will most certainly purchase more.



Great Product Great Customer Service

I first purchased the Sweet Chilifire spice from Whole Foods. I LOVE the sweet heat and overall flavor it brings to so many dishes. When it sold out at Whole Foods I decided to go directly to Spicemode's website and am so glad I did. The customer service experience is excellent. Amar checked in to make sure the shipment was received promptly and that I was satisfied. I have never taken the time to write a review, but this delicious product and the service behind it definitely warrants the good word. Thank you!

The Indian curry flavors I've been missing

Really enjoyed it, makes it very easy to add Indian flavors I've missed during the pandemic. It even works in the Instant pot!


Love this company. Can’t wait to see the products in my grocery stores!

Bought it for my boyfriend

He absolutely loved it and I will definitely be ordering more soon!

Golden Curry

It’s a delightful blend.

Fiery Vindaloo
Fiery Vindaloo

Tastes as good as it smells. I order three different flavors, but started with the FV and liked it so much that I used the FV in three different dishes. I trust the other flavors will be just as good.

Awesome Product!

These sauces make eating these wonderful exotic flavors so easy! I love the ease of whipping up a great tasting meal on a weeknight. I will definitely order again.


Everything I have ordered from Spicemode has been fantastic!

Excellent taste

Made Indian cooking easy


Best readymade vindaloo we have ever had. Deep, rich flavors back up the "fire."

Savory tikka

Love the authenticity of the flavor

Great Flavor

Love adding this to my dishes. I do find I need to use quite a bit for a family of 4 so don't go light.

Love the Fiery Vindaloo product

Used the Vindaloo product to make lamb vindaloo. The sauce was spicy and had some heat. The end product was perfect.

Better than expected

I’ve always wanted to learn about Indian cuisine and spices and Spice Mode flattened my learning curve. I will always keep their blends on hand! Definitely recommend.

Spicemode your life!

Purchased Seasoning Collection Trio consisting of Savory Tikka, Smoky Tandoor and Golden Curry. My initial impression of these well-crafted seasonings was favorable so much so that I plan on purchasing the small batch curry sauces to try some of the recipes provided on Spicemode's website. I highly recommend their products for those who enjoy cooking flavor-forward meals.

The Absolute Best!

The jars come beautifully wrapped in brown paper and obviously shipped with love.
I haven't tasted any sauces this delicious.

Essential sauce!

I tried a selection after hitting a wall with endless home cooking for over a year! I love to cook, can’t go to restaurants, so these wonderful sauces initially fixed this problem and have since become a staple pantry item. Gourmet eating at home with no mess or effort. Quick and delicious preparation roasting vegetables in a sheet pan then combining sauce with a bit of coconut milk - delicious!

Reliable, delectable and easy!

Our spice cabinet wouldn’t be complete without a bottle or two of Spicemode. I could never duplicate the concoction of spices that are mixed and included in a bottle of Spicemode. Seriously fresh, peppy, easy! Thanks for adding so much to our daily cuisine, from a morning omelette to evening stir fry!

Finally! An authentic curry taste.

I ordered these sauces after seeing them on social media. I have struggled to find any curry sauces that come close to replicating the tastes of home. These do! Without doubt they give the most authentic taste to any dish - no bitter aftertaste or grainy texture...smooth and delicious and easy to use. You've made one family very happy. I will definitely be ordering these regularly.

Awesome taste

Enjoyed all the spice mix, taste like homemade, no need to add anything extra!