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Here's why customers love Spicemode

"It felt like cheating. A typical Indian feast requires toasting, grinding, mincing and grating; covering the counter with an array of spices, sauces and herbs. All we'd done was open, scoop and cook, barely dirtying a cutting board in the process. The secret weapon was Spicemode." -Tasting Table 


"Spicemode creates handcrafted, beautifully packaged, flavorful sauces, spices and seasonings to make your next meal totally swoon-worthy. The spices are of the highest quality, and blended to create perfectly balanced flavors." -Fettle Vegan 


"I have used the sauces to make dinner when I am too tired to go out and eat. It's an easy way for me to make a pot of chicken taste amazing for my kids and wife. Spicemode is my go to sauce for a one pot meal. You should use it or you are missing out." -Benjamin Holbrook


“What's great about Spicemode is how natural their products are. They locally source from midwestern farms, freshly chop the ingredients in-house where they eventually perfect the small-batch sauces without any preservatives added."- Food Within Reach


“No one would ever imagine how superb these three sauces – Masala, Vindaloo, and Madras - are until you simply open the lid of each well manufactured jar and enjoy the aroma that only gets better when you use them to cook.” - Grady Harp


"Spicemode is my go to solution for excellent Indian food. I love having the ability to make great Indian food at home using my own ingredients whenever I feel like it. I have used all of the spices with a range of different proteins. I highly recommend all of their products." -Christopher Volgneau


“These sauces are so delicious and easy. I've used them on chicken, pork and shrimp. Just add vegetables and rice and dinner is done. I always have a jar in my fridge. A little goes a long way!” -Rachel Reid 


"Opening a jar of Spicemode is like stepping into your favorite Indian restaurant, but better! Super healthy, super yummy and convenient. The possibilities are endless." -Bridget Murphy


"Your products are the best. Your recipes and suggestions have changed the way my family eats. I wish your products were on every grocery store shelf. I have found the jar sauces at Whole Foods, but still need to mail order the awesome dry spices. Please keep up the great work. I have told all my friends about you!"-Michelle Rosen