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Mirchi Masala

Favorite spice blend we've tried. Love the complex blend of flavors

Savory Tikka

This made a delicious chicken Tikka. Really simplifies the process.

Haldi Masala

Amazing. So versatile. I've used in marinades and dry rubs

Hot Mirchi
Teena (Moreno Valley, US)
A must have in the kitchen

I love SpiceMode every they make is so delicious. I use their spices on the daily from eggs to steak. It’s great on veggies and adds that flavor to basically anything.

Masala Collection Trio
Tony S. (Kalamazoo, US)

Great stuff

Complete Seasoning Collection
Tracy A. (Berwyn, US)
Gives a warm kick to everything

I’ve used all the spices in sauces, on burgers and steak. They add a depth of flavor without being throat burning hot or overpowering.
Golden Madras makes it easy to whip up a quick curry on a week night. On the weekends, I add some homemade flatbread and a salad to make a family dinner special.

Complete Seasoning Collection
Peter J.B. (Las Vegas, US)
Everything tastes better with Spice Mode

Even though I was asked to write this review, I would've done it anyway. I use a lot of spices when I cook. I consider myself an amateur chef and without a doubt these are the highest quality best tasting spices I have ever used. It makes simple eggs taste amazing and putting it on bacon and pretty much anything else enhances the flavor and makes everything taste better and it really pops in your mouth.

Sweet Chilifire
Ozius S. (Scottsdale, US)

I love these spices. Great in anything but I love to cook it on chicken.

Golden Madras
Sarah T. (Federal Way, US)
Cheat Code for Great Dinners

This is the best addition to my kitchen in a long time. Tons of flavor packed in a jar and ready to go on everything. My favorite is the Golden Madras on eggs. So happy I found the line

Golden Madras
Neil J. (Barbourville, US)
Fantastic amazing sauce

The sauce is amazing, clean and tasty it has made eating clean so much more enjoyable. Adding a spoonful to anything takes that dish to the next level. It’s kind of like an Indian pickle relish. A nice sweet and spicy cold sauce for anything.

Golden Curry
JS (Clarkston, US)

Great quality spices and customer service. Authentic flavors!

Golden Madras
Angela M. (Portsmouth, US)
Worth it! Highly recommend.

I got a 3 pack and have been able to use the seasoning in so many different applications! We used a whole jar to make a quick aloo gobhi, and it was absolutely delicious. I’ve also used it for a vegan curry chickpea salad, and mixed into a noodle dish. It was great every time.

Golden Madras
annie (San Jose, US)
Makes everything taste better!

I can't believe how easy it is to use this and make food so flavorful! I just add two spoonfuls to cooked chicken breast and vegetables and my dinner is filling and done within 10 minutes thanks to this sauce - I hope I'll be able to purchase more!

Golden Madras
Daniel R. (Dallas, US)

I love the golden madras! I add to chicken dishes and lentils.

Golden Madras
Alexis H. (Portland, US)
Best Spice Blend

Golden Madras, I love you so much!!!! This has been the best addition to my cooking. I love everything about Spicemode. The product is amazing and the TikTok content is the best.

Complete Seasoning Collection
Rani M. (Montclair, US)
Love everything!

The spices and curries are delicious. I love everything.

Complete Seasoning Collection
Sara M. (Henrico, US)
Chicken Wings!

I am obsessed with the depth of flavor! I am constantly rotating what flavor to use on my chicken wings. Each one makes wings in the airfyer taste like takeout.

Masala Collection Trio
Katie J.S. (Chicago, US)
Absolutely amazing!!!

I cannot say enough positive things about the variety of Spice Mode products I have tried over the years!! From the sauces to the seasonings and masalas, everything is interesting and amplifies any dish! I’ve followed several of the videos exactly or loosely, always ending in a delicious dish! I love giving these as gifts! I have a few things I’ll be packing up to send as a thank you gift this week. Spice Mode elevates and makes dishes burst with flavor!

Golden Madras
Enedina C. (Williams, US)

Quality ingredients. Fast response to any questions I had. Will continue to order SPICEMODE products!!

Golden Madras
Chary W. (Plant City, US)
This sauce is amazing on everything

I used golden madras to marinade meat, season soups, punch up ranch dipping name it I did it! Every time it made what I ate 10 times better. A little goes a long way and the flavors are so unique. I can't liken it to anything I've tried before. A unique blend of spices that come together in a unique all purpose seasoning. I'm glad I found the owner on tiktok. Great story, company and product. My only issue is that it doesn't come in a gallon size. lol.

Complete Seasoning Collection
Cindy (Phoenix, US)
The best blends you can get!

Its all THE BEST!!!

Golden Madras
chris d.
Amazing product

Love everything i have gotten. Ordered another 24 jars after you said you were closing. Really hope this isn’t the end for Spicemode.

Savory Tikka
Peter D.R. (Chicago, US)
Spicemode is a Pantry Staple!

I keep several blends in my cabinet at all times and use them to add flavor to a range of dishes from curry and stir-fry to roasted veggies, smoked meats, and even popcorn. Easy and delicious!

Fiery Vindaloo
Ben H. (Sodus, US)
Fiery Vindaloo

This is a great sauce! I use some spice (I have some leftover over from another company, and I am now using some of yours as well) with yogurt and marinate some chicken. Then I cook the chicken, deglaze the pan with a bit of broth, add half a jar of vindaloo, and half a can of coconut milk. Absolutely delicious!

Hot Mirchi
Ibriz M. (Shrewsbury, US)
Hot Mirchi is the way to go!

This is one of the most versatile spices i have come across! We use it on everything and its flavorful and packs a punch! If you ever discontinue it please give us enough warning to stock up!

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