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Based on 42 reviews
Amazing flavor

I’ve only tried the Smokey Tandoor so far, but it’s been absolutely amazing on chicken and fish.

Very flavorful with a small amount!

This stuff has a great bang for your buck.


I have tried blending my own, but could not get to the quality and consistency I get when I order from this amazing company. I ((((heart)))) golden curry. Keep up the great work!

Sooooo good spice mode

Excellent blend of excellent spices I add for rich authentic yet adventurous taste !!!

Unique flavors to spice up my life

The entire line of Spice Mode products are fresh, flavorful and unique. I was on a restrictive diet recently and found the spices jazzed up chicken, fish, and lean meats without adding calories or fat.

Spicemode is my favorite Indian food

I am a little embarrassed to admit I have put chilifire on almost everything. Pasta, pizza, traditional Indian dishes, random wraps I make up on my own. It's a great way to add flavor and heat.

Wonderful spices

They add a great flavor to chicken and pork

Awesome spice!

I use this spice on all my meat cooking and even on my potatoes and pasta!

Beyond Expectations

Ordering again. Was gone in two days!


used sweet chilifire on some rib I smoked in my pitboss they came out great and the taste was amazing... also got bayou canyon you can't put to much of this one it's spicy but very good

Sweet Chilifire

This is the best seasoning for everything. I use it in chicken, fish and it’s especially good on sweet potatoes when you cube them and bake carmalozes as it bakes and gives them a nice zing. Great hostess gift too

Sweet Chilifire

Great flavor

It adds depth and flavor to any meat. we use it often.

Hot Mirchi
Versatile and Delicious

I've tried many of Spicemode's blends, and Mirchi is one of my favorites. It's versatile in both intensity and variety of ways to use it! I add a dash to give any savory dish a flavor boost or use a teaspoon to add serious flavor and some heat. My goto dishes for this blend are grilled chicken, stir fry, and as pickling spice for cauliflower... and of course curry dishes.

Quick flavorful option

Makes the mundane taste yummy!

Great Spices!

Thank you for the best spice ever - Sweet Chilifire. Amazing. We use it on lots of meats and eggs! Try it!

Great Taste

My wife to be and I love the flavor, I will be ordering more. Really great on chicken

Best Seasonings Ever

I came across Spicemode purely by accident. I've used it in a lot of different dishes and now have friends that love it as well. If you haven't tried these seasonings yet, I highly recommend it.

Complex flavors to enhance your favorite foods

What a delicious and intriguing spice mix! Complex flavors that intermingle to heighten and enhance the tasting of your favorite foods. Spicemode Tikka creates a new and unique savory experience that you will love!

Perfect Indian Seasoning

This is the perfect spice for Indian themed dishes and beyond. It’s aromatic and delicious!

I keep it in my pocket!

I’ve decided to carry it in my pocket everywhere I go, and put it on everything I eat. With proper respect to the chef of course.

The best I have ever tasted

Seriously, these are so good! The flavors are nothing like I have tasted before. My family loves everything I cook with it - we love Spicemode.

It is the only seasoning I use

These seasonings are amazing! I put it on everything and do not even touch my other spices anymore. So much flavor and a good amount of heat to spicy up anything you love to eat. Spicemode is awesome!

Love it

First Time ordering,I use it on Spare Rib and Baby Ribs- Family and Friends love it.

Rich Tasting & Delicious

I use this on anything and everything from chickpeas to cauliflower to ground chicken. It is so rich in flavor, I can not go a week without cooking with it. Thank you Spicemode!