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Seasoning Collection (5 Jars)
Puneet J. (Eden Prairie, US)
Excellent spices...

I've used all of the spices (dry and wet) for a while now, and I have to say - they're hands down the best Indian spices you can get. Highly recommend and wish more stores carried Amar's spices. Also, happy to support a small-business (esp. that of an immigrant).

Curry Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
John B. (Hurricane, US)
Fiery Vindaloo

I’ve purchased the sauces twice now. They are all delicious, yet I’ve developed a favorite. The Fiery Vindaloo is Don’t find it too be too spicy. It’s very warm however. I’ve used it with shrimp and veggies. Served over basmati rice. Leftovers in the lunchroom are enticing to my coworkers.

Fiery Vindaloo
EJ R. (Newport, US)
What a find!

I’m used to eating wonderful food from around the world. But having moved to this very small town, spices like these are few and far between. I absolutely love, love, love the Vindaloo sauce, as well as the Sweet ChiliFire, which I put in everything it seems. Nothing better. I’m so glad
I found Spice Mode

Fiery Vindaloo
alyssa (Chicago, US)
Our favorite sauce!

My husband LOVES this curry sauce. It’s spicy and flavorful and reheats really well!

Ultimate Spicemode Collection
Angelina B. (San Antonio, US)
Thrilled with purchase

Hi Amar- Im absolutely thrilled with my purchase of your products. They delivered exactly what you promised-high quality and easy to use. You helped me step up my kitchen game. Will always have these in my pantry. Thank you so much!

Curry Sauce & Seasoning Collection (8 Jars)
Katherine S. (Bremerton, US)
So Glad I tried it.

So I ordered the spices and have made several new dishes that my family has never tried before. Easy to use, great flavor, and I recommended them to friends. Take the leap and try it.

Magic Masala
BillNCville (Richmond, US)
Authentic, delicious, and so easy

The Magic Masala is balanced and very flavorful. I added some fresh minced ginger, a little Greek yogurt, and some shrimp over basmati rice, then topped it with a few cilantro leaves, to make a delicious dinner that was ready in a few minutes. I’d recommend it highly to anyone who already enjoys or wants to experiment with this cuisine.

Delicious and Easy to use

The sauces and seasonings are SO GOOD. I'm a newbie when it comes to cooking Indian cuisine. Spice mode is accessible to inexperienced cooks, and ends in a delicious meal. The sweet chili fire was an unexpected favorite. I've used it in chicken, barbecue, curry, and even sloppy joes.

Shipping was fast and the items were well packaged. Thank you Amar!

Savory Tikka
Cindy (Salt Lake City, US)
Savory tikka

I didn't give it a 1 star review!!! There aren't enough stars! At least a 20 star review!!!

Curry Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Seema R. (Gates Mills, US)
Delicious and versatile

Everything was wonderful

Curry Sauce & Seasoning Collection (8 Jars)
Veronica C. (New Orleans, US)

I live cooking with these! Great flavors. Thank you!!

Magic Masala
Rene R.S. (San Jose, US)
Absolutely magical!!

We love the magic masala sauce so so much!! It’s our favorite!!

Love them all!

We're so happy we ordered this set. Everything has been delicious and it's such a nice addition to our summer seasoning options. Looking forward to using some in the colder months too.

Magic Masala
Scottie V. (Laurinburg, US)
Always consistently great

Since I do not live close to a good Indian restaurant, Magic Masala always delivers consistently, great flavors.

Curry Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Bianca (Racine, US)
Absolutely Delicious!

I stepped way outside my comfort zone in ordering these sauces, and I am so glad that I did! Each sauce add an amazing depth of flavor to whatever I’m cooking. I haven’t been this excited about cooking in a long time. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Golden Madras
Lois L. (Ticonderoga, US)

Spice Mode has added deliciousness to so many things we eat! I feel like I am now an incredible chef! 🤫🥰 A must try for everyone!

Seasoning Collection (5 Jars)
Jay M. (Bell Buckle, US)
Magic Masala is amazing!!

I used Magic Masala with Impossible meat and vegetables on my flat top griddle. The meal only took a few minutes to make and the only spices that I needed was a few spoons of the curry sauce. The dish was highly flavorful and super easy to make. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Golden Madras
Masuma (Philadelphia, US)

This was such a flavor bomb. Really delicious, I made lentil curry with it, and even added it to shredded tofu bbq tacos. really great to use outside of traditional curry!

Golden Madras
Alan M. (Amherst, US)
Golden Madras a Quality Product

I love the taste and that I know what all the ingredients are and that those ingredients are healthy. Thank you!

Great flavor starter

These spices and sauces make meals quick and easy as though they have simmered for hours!

Golden Curry
Bethany A. (Las Vegas, US)
Made Easy

I am really enjoying cooking w all the products I got! I got the big bundle and am so glad because each of the spices and marinades are unique and delicious. It makes cooking delicious food so simple and I love cooking with them!

Ultimate Spicemode Collection
Allison M. (Austin, US)
Easy Indian Cooking!

As a desi-american trying to learn how to make Indian food, these spices have significantly reduced the pressure of making a good masala! I absolutely love the quality of the ingredients, that definitely is the game changer for me. Now it is as easy as chopping up a few veggies and throwing them in a pan with these spices and I am very thankful for that. Highly recommend, especially if you are just learning!

Golden Curry
Amber C. (Meridian, US)
Amazing spice

This spice is the best tasting curry I’ve ever had! Definitely recommend! Even my 9 year old super picky daughter loves the flavor!

Curry Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Katie (Minneapolis, US)
5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Incredible quality.

Curry Sauce & Seasoning Collection (8 Jars)
JENNIFER L. (East Hartford, US)
Yummy beginnings

So I discovered you scrolling one late night on ticktok. See I’ve become bored with usual standard seasonings and am curious about new flavors. I’ve always wanted to try Indian spices but lacked confidence and knowledge about how to arrange and apply to ensure a tasty dish. Then enter spicemode. Air fryer diced potatoes with sweet chili fire. Scrumptious. And tonight chicken tenders with firey vindaloo. Oh the anticipation

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Created by the son of Indian and Burmese immigrants.


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