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The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Kevin R. (Santee, US)

Makes cooking complex Indian dishes easy peasy

Savory Tikka
Jeena K. (Seattle, US)
Delicious and high quality

I've tried the sauces and spice mixes and they are all crazy delicious. Made the fastest chicken cholay of my life!!

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
John w. (Eden Prairie, US)
Good but not much of Indian flavors

Love to give 5 stars flavor but the flavors are not to my expectations of authentic Indian flavors. The ingredients are not the same as typical Indian spices. The shipment is fast. The response is 5 stars. I will try other products when they are available. Thanks for making a product that looks clean and presentable.

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Anita T. (Seneca Rocks, US)
Delicious Sauces and Spices

Absolutely in love with Amar's special blend of his sauces and spices! You have a customer for life, I really hope he will be able to continue to offer his products in the future!

Sweet Chilifire
Nana J. (Syracuse, US)
As close to Homemade as U can get!

Half my spices are traditional ones used in Indian cooking. I’ve never had any store brand come close to the essence or taste of homemade. Spicemode blew me away! The taste, texture & depth of flavor is beyond words. There’s a freshness they’ve captured that nothing commercial compares to. I’m on my 3rd purchase. Truly, there’s nothing better out there. (Unless UR lucky enough to be a family member w/ a dinner invitation!) A++💕

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Holly M. (Flint, US)
Absolutely fantastic%21%21

I ordered these to help out a small business that was struggling. I am a spice fanatic and my husband and I love cooking fresh and trying out new dishes so I wasn’t worried about out trying something new. Tikka Masala is one of our favorite dishes and we do have a brand we use a lot. I received my purchase very quickly %28within 5 days%29 and I used the sweet chili fire first on some chili that I had made. It is one of the best seasonings I have used and is going to become a staple for my chili. %0D%0AWe made TM a few days ago and followed one of the recipes that was posted on the Spicemode TikTok%2C oh my goodness%21 New favorite ⭐%EF%B8%8F ⭐%EF%B8%8F ⭐%EF%B8%8F ⭐%EF%B8%8F ⭐%EF%B8%8F. I cannot wait to use the other sauces and really hope this company can push through this bump in the road because it is a quality product that really deserves to be in everyone’s home%21%21

Magic Masala
Jaimie S. (Austin, US)

Magic is right; this is soooo good. I made it with chicken thighs and carrots and a little coconut milk. I absolutely loved it.

The flavor is beautiful and it’s so easy to use! 100% recommend

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Megan (Portland, US)
Best flavors!

All 3 sauces were amazing! They are great with just about anything and make cooking with lots of flavor easy

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Dorothy T. (New York, US)
Delicious dinner addition!

We've only used the Magic Masala so far, but "magic" is right! The flavor is perfectly balanced and delightfully spiced. We used it with lentils & chicken and it was delicious! An easy flavor addition to any weeknight dinner.

Savory Tikka
John H. (San Antonio, US)
A kitchen must-have

This is a truly unique spice blend from a truly unique company. This Tikka blend stands out from the rest, just like the other products offered by Spicemode. There's a taste of freshness to these products that can't be beat.

Sweet Chilifire
Jason T. (Chicago, US)
This stuff is great

Love his stuff. Used it in everything from food to even making spicy margs.

Golden Madras
Anina H. (Philadelphia, US)
Another delicious sauce from Spicemode

The golden madras sauce is so tasty. I bought the variety three-pack and then an additional three-pack of just the madras. Making a full meal from it is always the right move, but I’ve also added it to egg breakfasts and it takes them to a different level. Delicious.

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Lorna M. (Las Vegas, US)

Made the most amazing curries

Well worth the money and delicious!

Golden Madras

If you're on the fence about it. Just buy it. This is one of the best sauces I have ever bought

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Atul S. (Clayton, US)
Amazing Indian flavor from Amar's mom's kitchen to mine!

This product is a MUST HAVE! As a indian it's hard to recreate those flavors but he did it! Buy it! I promise you you'll want more! Then... you buy more!!! Thanks Amar!

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Melanie H. (Spokane, US)
Very good

We made a delicious stir fry with one of the sauces and it turn out great!

Magic Masala
Tonya (Kansas City, US)
Magic is accurate

This was incredibly flavorful. I enjoyed every bite and look forward to trying other items!

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Elizabeth S. (Las Vegas, US)

Family has varied tastes. Often 2 dinners for same night. Many repeats. Everyone loved this one. Looking forward to single dinner nights ^^

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Patrick M. (New York, US)
Loved it.

I originally bought the 3 jar combination as a support for the owner going through tough times from COVID etc. However, when I tasted the product I fell in love with it. I can taste the authenticity of the spices and flavors. I wasn’t even sure I would like it but that changed when I followed the recipes on the website. I will be ordering this again but this time, it will be because I love it.

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Megan M. (North Las Vegas, US)

I typically steer away from jarred mixes because I find them bland, but these are so flavorful and delicious!

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
joseph o. (Little Rock, US)
Incredible flavors great deal

Hope the three pack comes back would buy again

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Teena (Moreno Valley, US)
A taste of heaven

If heaven had a flavor I would imagine these spices would be part of the lineup. I wish they made bigger jars so I can cook in larger quantities. My kids devoured the meats I flavored with Spicemode even the picky pre teen. Let me tell you right now, you won’t have leftovers if you’re cooking with spicemode so before you serve everyone else, hide some for yourself.

The Sauce Collection (3 Jars)
Ryan M. (Louisville, US)
Awesome sauces!

The sauces are supreme! All of them are good, authentic tasting, and so satisfying.10/10 would recommend.

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