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Turn Week night Meals into Amazing

My children love Indian spices but during the week it is hard to make Saag and other meals from scratch. I was able to just take bland vegetables and chicken and turn it into amazing! Thank you.


The fiery vindaloo is SO GOOD. We use it a lot.

A whole lot of flavor in a small jar

A little goes a long way. Highly concentrated flavor, I’ve used it in chili. I have to find other recipes to use it in, I highly recommend Fiery Vindaloo!

Spicemode Blends

Yesterday, I pickled onions with the savory tikka, made spicy honey mustard with the golden curry, and made spice rubbed chicken thighs with the Hot Murchi. All were super tasty.

A MUST for your pantry!!

I never write reviews, but Spicemode products are a must have for your pantry. If you are looking to change your quick weeknight dinner to a delicious meal, I highly suggest adding Spicemode. It's is the most delicious Indian food that I have tried on the market, its all natural, healthy ingredients are handmade and you can feel the love in each product. I love the Magic Masala and the Fiery Vindaloo sauces.

Authentic Indian in minutes

I've been cooking Indian cuisine for 3 decades. I usually cook from scratch as I've never found a brand of ready-made sauce or paste that delivers an authentic flavor. Until now! Spicemode's sauces are wonderfully authentic and tasty and mean I don't have to wait until the weekend for my curry fix.

Second Chances

My first order of Magic Masala did not keep well at all. I put in the fridge, but it didn’t last there either. BECAUSE.....I virtually inhaled it. I put a spoon next to the jar. I put it on cream cheese, on cottage cheese, in deviled eggs,as a condiment with cold chicken. I didn’t have enough left to cook with! What to do? Order some more, of course. Second chances, right? This batch won’t last long either. It’s just that good! Oh, it’s also great to cook with. Try it. You’ll take a second chance too!

Curry spice goodness

I ordered the trio of curry sauces and the sweet chilifire spice mix. I have used the golden madras twice now - once on roasted cauliflower and just this evening in a lentil and kale soup. It is absolutely delicious, adding just the right touch of sweet and spice to these dishes. I am looking forward to using the sweet chilifire on our salmon this week. I have been recommending these products to everyone

delicious spices

Excellent service, products as ordered , delivered carefully wrapped

Keep coming back

As soon as Spicemode runs out at my house, I reorder. And it’s the best when Amar has come up with another amazing flavor to spice up my kitchen. Have yet to try something from Spicemode that isn’t worthy of a 5-star rating.

Excellent products.

Loved the vindalu

Very easy to make. Finished with half and half. Very nice spice. Not overbearing.


My husband loves this spice. He says, "It is the best spice combination I have bought in a long, long, long time! It works great on beef and pork, but I haven't tried it on chicken or lamb yet... It's delicious and I'm grateful to be able to purchase it through your website as there are ZERO stores within a 100 mile radius of my home. Thanks!!!"

Works great for a family of picky eaters

Been using the Chilifire for a while, always liked it on a multitude of things. And then one day, my picky celiac decided to toss the golden curry on her rice. She loved it, couldn’t keep enough in the house. We have tried all of the spices...bought the sauces but haven’t tried yet. All is very good so far.

Vindaloo Date Night

My husband and I prepared a vegetable vindaloo using your Fiery Vindaloo. It was amazing! What a splendid treat for an at home date night. Between my husband and I, we have a lost a total of 135 lbs since June 2020. Going out to eat isn't always a great option.

Your curry is made with quality ingredients and is low in calories. It gave a lovely PUNCH to our vegetable vindaloo and enhanced a healthy dinner that we enjoyed.

Tasty Dishes

What a simple, easy flavorful way to add zip to any dish!!

Awesome Spices!

SpiceMode offers high quality products and the service is also top notch. I recommend anyone to give it a try.

Golden Curry is addictive

Addictive is the best description of Golden Curry from Spicemode. I crave it. Every time I try it on something new, I am never disappointed. It makes everything delicious.

Great stuff!

Easy to turn into an awesome meal. Thanks!


We love these products. Easy to use with tasty results.

Truly amazing

As close as you’re going to get to a GREAT Indian restaurant and incredibly easy. I buy in bulk now.


Absolutely lovely trio of deliciousness ranging from savoury to spicy. An all around tingling of the taste buds sensation. Not overpowering, but a great addition to any meal.


Added it to pork stew meat with fresh vegetables over rice and it was delicious !!!! I will have to order more. Thank you Spice Mode.

Thank you

I didn't know what to expect, and your spices were a pleasant surprise. Thank you!

Spiiccyyy but pricccccceyy treat

Is it available in stores?!