Sweet Chilifire

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Fiery Blend of Ancho Chile, Peppercorn & Cinnamon. Does your usual BBQ rub only have 4 or 5 ingredients? Ours has 18 including spices and aromatics such as cardamon, coriander, garlic, paprika & red pepper flakes. Perfect for smoking, grilling, braising, roasting or sprinkled onto popcorn straight out of the container.

Everything that Spicemode makes is exceptional, quality and the easiest way to cook something delicious.
Put simply Spicemode is fantastic. We have been using them in any, and every dish that we cook.
I used to be a plain Jane kind of eater, but Spicemode has woken me up to a world of flavor. They are outstanding. 
We've tried just about every spice and sauce offered by Spicemode and are seriously obsessed with all of them.

How do I cook with Spicemode?

Use Spicemode to add flavor to all your favorite ingredients and recipes — curry is only the beginning.

100% Pure Flavor. Small Batch, Vegan & Gluten Free. No Preservatives. Low Sodium.

Bold & Delicious

Amar has been perfecting his recipes for a decade. One taste and your meals will instantly be transported into another dimension of flavor.

Pure Flavor. No Fillers.

Unlike other brands we do not use any tomato puree, coconut milk, cream or nuts. Giving you the freedom to cook the way you want.

Customer Reviews

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Martin Schiff (Orlando, US)
I use it on everything!

I love this spice. I use it on almost everything. It has just the right amount of bite and flavor. I gave a bottle to a Jamaican friend, and she loves it too.

PSH65 (Delafield, US)
My favorite!

Chilifire has been my favorite spice mix for a few years now. I turned 2 of my adult children onto it as well (they steal it from me when they visit). From meats to popcorn to soups and stews. Just a great blend. Thank you!

Robin Johnson (Salt Lake City, US)
So good I add it to just about everything

Spicy + ever-so-slightly sweet = heaven. This blend adds the perfect flavor pop to pretty much everything I cook. Most recently I added it to ground pork mixed into an easy Southwest-inspired salad. It's great on any meat or veg though... one of my faves!

Param Singh (San Francisco, US)
So good!!!

I even put chilifire on my popcorn!!

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Minority Owned

Created by the son of Burmese and Indian immigrants.


Full refund if you not happy with the quality or flavor.

Easy to Use

Cook fresh and delicious Indian-inspired meals quickly.

Small Batch

Made from scratch in small batch locally in Chicago.