Sautéing with Spicemode

Our signature cooking sauces + seasonings are the perfect addition to your weekly sauté. Sauté the night away with Spicemode! Simple, fast and tasty!

How To: Caramelize Onions

Caramelized onions bring a sweet, unique flavor to anything they touch. Learn the do's and the don'ts to cooking these browned beauties, as featured in Spicemode's signature cooking sauces.

How To: Cook Basmati Rice

Mushy rice got you down? We here at Spicemode came up with the perfect recipe for steamed basmati rice!

Creative Chickpea Recipes

We always keep chickpeas in our pantry here at Spicemode! Great with our signature cooking sauces + seasonings, we've compiled a quick prep "how to" as well as two 'MODE recipes featuring this nutritional meat-alternative.

Week in a Day • Roasted Veggies

Great tasting meals take time and that's time you don't have to spare. With you in mind, we here at Spicemode created our globally inspired signature cooking sauces and seasonings that are seasoned perfectly so you can cook effortlessly.

How To: Use a Mortar & Pestle

A brief introduction and 4 step "how to" on the one and only mortar & pestle - an important ally in Spicemode's kitchen!