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Week in a Day • Roasted Veggies


Spicemode is Seasoned Perfectly so you can Cook Effortlessly

Here at Spicemode, we know a thing or two about the kitchen. Great tasting meals take time and that's time you don't have to spare. We get it, we feel ya. With you in mind, we created our globally inspired signature cooking sauces and seasonings that cut out cooking time without cutting out flavor. Dream come true? Wait, there's more!

In the 'MODE for something different?

Our week in a day series takes it one step further and gives you more time to spend doing what's important, like sleeping. Ha! Prepare a weeks worth of 'MODE meals in only one day. Such a great way to organize meals, cut costs (not flavor!) and live a healthier lifestyle.


Our first 'MODE hack is roasted veggies:

Big batches of make-ahead ingredients are perfect for an "on-the-go" lifestyle. Beans and simmered grains are a go-to but we prefer to use the technique with vegetables. Butternut, carrots, beets, celeriac, turnips, rutabagas, kohlrabi, and potatoes are all outstanding for large-batch roasting. They keep well and will stay fresh throughout the week. They also are tough enough to be reheated or are delicious straight out of the fridge.


  • Choose vegetables close in size.
  • Coat with a thin layer of fat, such as coconut or olive oil.
  • Season with one of Spicemode's Signature Seasonings. Masala Herb is highly recommended - an everyday seasoning that boasts citrus notes with a subtle touch of masala. A mellow seasoning that adds just enough flavor without being overbearing.
  • Spread them out evenly on a sheet pan or shallow baking dish.
  • Heat the oven to 450˚ and pop the veggies in. Rotate and stir every 10 minutes. The roasting process should take 35-45 minutes total, depending on the size of your vegetables.


  • Slow cook your vegetables - they shouldn't be mushy.
  • Pack up your veggies as soon as they finish cooking: Patience is key with large-batch cooking. Best to wait until they cool before you pack them.

Here are some 'MODE meal ideas to get you started:

Sweet Potato Hash:

Brunch is by far my favorite meal of the day and sweet potatoes are my favorite vegetable. Welcome to love at first sight! Skip part of step one in this quick recipe by pre-roasting your sweet potatoes, making for an even quicker cooking time.  


Roasted Broccoli with Spicemode Vindaloo Fire:

Before large-batch roasting, sprinkle Vindaloo Fire on your vegetables - the perfect exotic addition to any meal. Adds a spicy touch that builds with every bite.

Spiced Roasted Cauliflower with Masala Herb Seasoning:

The mellow, citrusy flavor of Spicemode's Masala Herb combined with cauliflower is one of the easiest ways to spice up mealtime! 


Spicemode's Pantry features ingredients and spices that are either featured in or are complementary to Spicemode's signature cooking sauces + seasonings. 

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