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Creative Chickpea Recipes

New year, new you! Same goes for chickpeas! 

A legume that is not only tasty but iron, protein and folate-packed, chickpeas are making their mark as a popular meat-alternative. Underrepresented in many kitchens, chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are typically limited to hummus - delicious, delicious hummus. Available canned or dry for purchase, chickpeas are the best when used within a year of purchase. If purchased dry - the longer you wait to use them in the kitchen, the longer the cooking time. 

How to Prep 

Canned chickpeas:

  • Drain and rinse with water to cut the sodium content by almost a half
  • Rinsing well in cold water helps with digestion

Dry chickpeas:

  • Throw out any chickpeas that are shriveled/have broken skin
  • For every 1 cup (250 mL) of chickpeas, soak with 3 cups (750 mL) water - chickpeas need to be soaked for at least four hours or preferably for 8 hours

Spicemode + Chickpeas

We decided to get a little creative and SPICE up our favorite hummus recipe as well as include another crafty 'MODE way to prepare chickpeas for dinner. Enjoy! 

Chickpea Hummus with Madras Cooking Sauce:

This technique can be used to combine any of your favorite Spicemode Cooking Sauces with beans for a tasty spread or dip. Great on a sandwich, for a veggie platter or simply with crackers.

Chickpea + White Bean Masala:

Chickpea or Channa Masala is one of those hearty, simple, fragrant dishes that always tastes great. It is a staple in Northern Indian households and is a super quick to prepare using our cooking sauces and organic canned beans. 


Spicemode's Pantry features ingredients and spices that are either featured in or are complementary to Spicemode's signature cooking sauces + seasonings.

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