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Cuckoo for Coconuts!

by Amar Singh March 09, 2020

Known for their versatility, coconuts and their individual parts have an abundance of uses and benefits. From preventing obesity and aiding digestion, to acting as a cleanser and anti-bacterial agent - this fruit packs a powerful punch.

Totally Turmeric

by Amar Singh November 07, 2016

Turmeric - the golden root that truly is a gem. Found in Spicemode’s cooking sauces and seasonings, this yellow beauty has tons of health benefits! Learn more about it’s origin, health benefits, and usage here!

Ginger Root | Benefits + Usage

by Amar Singh December 16, 2015

The Chinese scholar Confucius ate fresh ginger with every meal. Now that's a smart man! Ginger is versatile spice to have around - for stomach aches, respiratory issues, and even skin.