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Smoky Tandoor

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Soul food and the subcontinent become one with our rustic Indian BBQ mash up. Smoky Tandoor is both mouthwatering and eye-catching: we keep it real with a balanced blend of paprika and chili powders that naturally achieve classic tandoori taste and tint. The smoky flavor profile is perfect for grilling, broiling, and tossing in a yogurt marinade.

  • With cumin, paprika, garlic, onion, and chiles--is perfect for dishes likechicken masala.But it’s about more than justIndian food: it’s an exciting combination of flavors meant to enliven any style of cooking.
  • Use as a tandoori chicken seasoning OR for any dish you need atandoori masala spice, it’s the perfect starting point for a home-cooked meal packed with flavor.
  • All of our blends are packed with whole ingredients, artisanal quality, and bold flavors that let you add a rich, ethnic twist to any dish. Taste a new culture and serve it up confidently.
  • We source our ingredients and refine our flavors until each blend is delicious and perfectly balanced. Everything is made in small batches.
  • Real people are behind our tandoori spice and all our blends. We release our products to the world only when we’ve created dynamic, adventurous masterpieces.
  • Small company, small batch. At Spicemode we handcraft each of our seasoning blends in the USA, and let you bring global flavors back home.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Turmeric, Cumin, Sea Salt, Ancho Chile, Coriander, Black Cardamom, New Mexico Chile, Ginger, Fenugreek, Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fennel, Star anise, Cloves.

Customer Reviews

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Unique flavors to spice up my life

The entire line of Spice Mode products are fresh, flavorful and unique. I was on a restrictive diet recently and found the spices jazzed up chicken, fish, and lean meats without adding calories or fat.

Truly amazing!

I picked up a bottle of this spice at TJ Maxx a while ago. I loved it so much, I ordered it and some other items online. The shipment came quickly was very carefully packed with the items in perfect condition. I love the packaging (labels) too! Very top quality product and service. My husband and I are so excited to have Paleo approved spices that we can actually eat. I am so limited with my diet but I don't feel deprived when these spices can transform anything into the most flavorful and delicious ways. Thank you!