Smoky Tandoor

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Earthy Blend of Cumin, Cayenne & Smoked Paprika. A rustic east-west barbecue mash-up of Indian spices, paprika, aromatics and chili powders, that is perfect for roasting, grilling, smoking and mixing into a classic tandoori yogurt marinade.

100% Pure Flavor. Small Batch, Vegan & Gluten Free. No Preservatives. Low Sodium.

Pure Flavor, No Fillers

Unlike other brands we do not use any tomato puree, coconut milk, cream or nuts. Giving you the freedom to cook the way you want.

Bold & Delicious

Amar has been perfecting his recipes for a decade. One taste and your meals will instantly be transported into another dimension of flavor.

Everything that Spicemode makes is exceptional, quality and the easiest way to cook something delicious.
Put simply Spicemode is fantastic. We have been using them in any, and every dish that we cook.
I used to be a plain Jane kind of eater, but Spicemode has woken me up to a world of flavor. They are outstanding. 
We've tried just about every spice and sauce offered by Spicemode and are seriously obsessed with all of them.

How do I cook with Spicemode?

Use Spicemode to add flavor to all your favorite ingredients and recipes — curry is only the beginning.

Customer Reviews

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Did not receive... substitute too spicy to use... no warning of z substitute

George S. (Pittsburgh, US)
Smoky Tandoor

Love this seasoning on meats, rice or vegetables. It is one of my ‘go to’ seasonings when I want something a little out of the ordinary.

Cindy (Minneapolis, US)
Everything is better with tika and tandoor!

Whatever you cook...meat, fish, veggies...potatoes...even bagels better with spice mode seasoning...SO GOOD!!! I'm going to try it in oatmeal, no milk, just butter, a pinch of salt...tandor and a bit of monk fruit sweetener!

Rebecca J. (Lynchburg, US)

Very good!

Uma R. (Laguna Niguel, US)

Love the spice mode collection. Smokey Tandoori is my favorite. But all are very good. Thank You for making my cooking tasty.

Shane E. (Midlothian, US)

Love this company. Can’t wait to see the products in my grocery stores!

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Minority Owned

Created by the son of Indian and Burmese immigrants.


Full refund if you not happy with the quality or flavor.

Easy to Use

Cook fresh and delicious Indian-inspired meals quickly.

Small Batch

Made from scratch in small batch locally in Chicago.