Savory Tikka

Spiced Eggplant & Potato

Spiced Eggplant & Potato


Eggplant is one of those things that fills you up quickly without making feel like you ate too much thanks to its high fiber content. It always tastes amazing and it is the perfect plant food when you want to cut back on meat but still want something “meaty”. This particular dish is close to our hearts because it is one of Amar's top comfort foods. Amar's mom, Mama Singh has been making this dish for decades and he still craves it every time he goes home. If you're lucky enough to be around that day, you'll be sure to part take in the yumfest that is a home-cooked meal at the Singh's - where this recipe is sure to win you over.

If you have have friends with special diets or know a few picky eaters, this is a great dish to make because it is filling, comforting, aromatic, soulful and of course delicious. Give this one a chance and make sure to let us know if you did!


Tikka Spiced Baby Eggplant


Homestyle cooking in a heartbeat! This recipe is so straight-forward, it is hard to believe how soulful it tastes. Every time we cook with baby eggplant we wonder why we don't do it every day. It is buttery and delicate, and mixed with soft potatoes it just hits the spot. One of our favorite ways to enjoy this is by putting it in between a roti and adding a spoonful of our savory yogurt.


1 tbsp Tikka Seasoning
1 tsp Curry Seasoning
1 Eggplant cut in 1/2 inch pieces with the skin on. 
1 Onion, sliced thick
1 Cup Red Potatoes cut in 1/2 inch pieces
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes, halved
Scallions, sliced


  1. Start off by pre cooking potatoes in microwave for 5 minutes and soaking the eggplant in salt water (to stop browning and get rid of some of the bitterness, rinse after). While potatoes cook, use 1 tbsp of oil to saute the onions until they're translucent.
  2. Add the tomatoes and seasonings, stir to combine and cook for another 5 minutes. Then add the rinsed eggplant and stir to make sure everything is well coated in the seasonings, then cover and cook on medium heat for 5 more minutes.
  3. Stir every couple of minutes and dish will be ready when eggplant is translucent and soft and potatoes are tender. Adjust salt, serve with fresh scallions and enjoy!

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