Golden Madras

Burmese Catfish Curry

Burmese Catfish Curry

Catfish Curry


The white fish in this recipe absorbs the mustard and turmeric in the Madras delectably, giving it a colorful presentation and just as colorful of a flavor. This is succulent and hearty yet light and easy to eat. Good all year 'round!


1/2 Jar or Madras Cooking Sauce
6-8 OZ of Catfish
1/2 Cups of Stock


  1. Add Madras pan and bring to a sizzle.
  2. Add fish in bit-size chunks, and simmer and stir gently
  3. Cook until fish is cooked through and releasing it natural oil. Spoon into bowls and load up with cilantro, scallions, sprouts, and fried garlic if you're up for it!

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