Vindaloo Pork Taco

Oh my Taco!

Vindaloo Pork Taco

Up your Taco Night game with the infamous Spiemode Vindaloo Pork Taco. Our sauces and seasonings can elevate any dish regardless of the type of cuisine you are aiming for and give a serious flavorful twist to even the simplest of dishes.


Vindaloo Cooking Sauce
Pork Shoulder
Cabbage Slaw
Salsa Verde
Queso Fresco


  1. Begin by cubing a pork shoulder into 2-3” pieces, season and sear in a dutch oven with a splash of oil. Add a jar of Vindaloo, stir to combine until fragrant. Add a half cup of water, cover and put in a 325-350 degree oven for at least 45 minutes until super tender.
  2. Let the dish cool in the sauce for a couple minutes, then shred the meat and add back to the pot. The pork will be coated in a oniony, garlicky, spicy, sweet, thick rich sauce with so much mouth watering Spicemode flavor!
  3. Garnish with your favorites including : cabbage slaw, salsa verde, spicy mayo, cilantro & jalapeno on top of corn tortilla. Buen Apetito!