Our Customer Reviews

"Your products are the best. Your recipes and suggestions have changed the way my family eats. I wish your products were on every grocery store shelf. I have found the jar sauces at Whole Foods, but still need to mail order the awesome dry spices. Please keep up the great work. I have told all my friends about you!" - Michelle

"I used the recipes on the website and earned major street-cred with my in-laws this weekend! I made chana masala and chicken tikki masala by myself for 10 people. The sauces are incredible! I used the Madras for the chickpeas and the Masala for the chicken tikka bake. The Fragrance! Well done Spicemode!" - Charles

"The quality of ingredients, the wonderful taste and the ease of preparation make Spicemode products easy to recommend to my friends." - Taylor

"My husband comes home every day from work and sniffs the Chilifire he loves it THAT much! He wants to put it on everything (so far he's put it on everything from shrimp to popcorn)." - Lauren

"This is the sauce you are looking for, I have tried so many and been disappointed but this sauce hits the mark. Its delicious and full of flavors, it is so good on everything and i know once you try it you will agree. This is the best Vindaloo sauce ever!"- Jane

"Spicemode, the Indian mother I never had. Thanks to a couple magic jars of Madras and Vindaloo I was able to put together a huge feast of grilled madras chicken, shrimp vindaloo, and curry potatoes with tomatoes and carrots. Enough to feed ten people at least!" - Duncan

"Picked up the masala last night along with some chicken thighs and coconut milk. Sooooo fragrant and delicious." - Jessica

"Yummy! We just had a great dinner with the masala sauce and shrimp." - Bill

"I like that the flavors are bolder and fresher tasting than other sauces." - Mark

"It's a real alternative to take out!" "Delicious! I just used the Masala cooking sauce with shrimp, potatoes, spinach and serranos. The sauce is excellent!" -Maria

"Making tofu with Madras for dinner tonight. Grilled the tofu on foil then ate the sauce with a spoon. Amazing!" -Karim

"Dinner tonight compliments of a jar of Spicemode Masala and your site's recipe for Baked Tikka Masala. super yummy, super easy, and leftovers for lunch tomorrow!" -Hollie

"Have already used the Tandoor and LOVE it! Quality is obvious, price reasonable, and care taken to achieve the perfect tasty blend! I can't wait to try the three sauces that I ordered also. Thank- you Windy City Live for featuring such a wonderful business! Lovely packaging too! I will be gifting these products also!" -Laurel