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Fiery Avocado

Avocado - the healthy fat that isn’t a heartbreaker

Avocado w/ Chilifire

I’ve been adding this green goodness to just about everything. Salads, burgers, salsas - you name it. I have such a love in my heart for this fruit that I tend to eat it straight out of the skin with a dash of salt and pepper. True love, right? One day I decided to try it out with our Chilifire Seasoning and it took what I knew of the avocado to the next level. Meet the sweet with the heat - the Fiery Avocado.


Chilifire Seasoning
Ripe Avocado


1. Choose an avocado that is ripe - it should be a little soft. If you aren’t sure, press the stem tip. If it gives way, you’re good to go.

2. Cut your avocado vertically with either a sharp or dull knife - whichever you prefer. When an avocado is ripe, the skin and flesh is so soft that even a butter knife is sufficient.

3. Twist the two halves until one breaks away from the pit. Remove the pit with a spoon.

4. Add Chilifire Seasoning and enjoy!

Tips & Suggestions

A spoon is also helpful if you want to remove the avocado flesh from the skin in one clean swipe!

Don’t like to eat avocado alone? Dash this seasoning on your avocado as it accompanies any meal for a tasty global touch. I personally like chopping it up, spicing it up with Spicemode and then adding it to my favorite salad.