Chicken Biryani

Love me some one pot meals!

Chicken Biryani w/ Masala

This is a Spicemode version of chicken pilaf/biryani using a combination of our seasonings & sauces. One pot meals are the perfect solution to those days where you don't want to dirty too many pans and also a quick way to feed multiple people a filling meal without spending hours in the kitchen.


Masala Cooking Sauce
Tandoor Seasoning
Curry Seasoning
Chicken Tighs
Large Onion
Tomato Paste
Jasmati Special Rice


  1. Sear chicken tights in pot with Tandoor seasoning
  2. Slice onions and add to to pot
  3. Add tomato paste, jar of Masala sauce, curry Seasoning and stir in rice
  4. Add water or stock and put in 325 degree over for 35 minutes. enjoy!
  5. Add water