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Complete Artisan Indian Collection

Note : GOLDEN MADRAS IS SOLD OUT. This collection will ship with the MASALA and VINDALOO sauces, price of the collection has been reduced to reflect the changes. Thank you!

If you are looking for a bold blend of spices and sauces to kick up a weeknight meal, having a dinner party and want it to taste amazing or just having a lazy Sunday barbecue in the backyard, Spicemode is the answer.

Great on poultry, meat, fish, veggies, tofu, seafood, soup, salad, stews, grains and legumes.

  • All of our seasoning blends start with whole ingredients, artisanal quality, and bold flavors that let you add a rich, ethnic twist to any dish. Its a world of flavor in every jar!
  • Small company, small batch. Real people are behind Spicemode. We handcraft each of our products in the USA, and let you bring global flavors back home.
  • 2.65 ounce glass jar

Spicemode's cooking sauces load all-natural, fresh ingredients and dozens of spices into each jar, cutting down your cooking time without cutting out taste. Our thoughtful approach to homestyle Indian cuisine offers you the freedom to sauté, simmer, or braise meats, beans and fresh veggies just the way you want.

  • Good Food Award Winner
  • SOFI Gold Award Winner
  • Handcrafted from fresh, whole ingredients
  • No fillers, no preservatives, no artificial anything
  • No coconut milk, cream, nuts or dairy
  • Go beyond the simmer sauce. Spicemode is 100% pure flavor.
  • 9 ounce glass jar (labels may differ from photographs on website, sauce is the exactly the same)


    Bundle includes :

    • Fiery Vindaloo - Handcrafted to add flavor to your dishes in a way you never thought possible. Sweet, tangy, with that underlying bold spice—just imagine your food totally transformed.

    • Golden Madras - Kick up your seafood dishes, reenergize plain chicken—our Madras was developed with one thing in mind: letting you be original in the kitchen as you take your food to a place it’s never been before.

    • Magic Masala - The richness of caramelized onion, the slightly sweet, citrus complexity of the cardamom, and that unexpected punch of chiles, this is old school taste reinvented in an exciting new way.

    • Golden Curry- (SOLD OUT) with turmeric, coriander, chile, and fennel--it is about far more than Indian dishes like curry chicken salad. It’s an exciting combination of flavors meant to elevate any style of cooking.
    • Savory Tikka- this multi-cultural fanfare of spice is as at home on stir fry as it is in traditional lentils. With subtle citrus notes, earthy garlic flavor and the freshness of mint, our Tikka seasoning represents the heart of what cooking is all about.
    • Smoky Tandoor- soul food and the subcontinent become one with our rich, rustic barbecue mash up. We keep it flavorful with a balanced blend of Indian spices, paprika and chili powders.
    • Hot Mirchi- the ultimate chile powder, crafted using five distinct chiles, Indian spices plus garlic and ginger. It simply doesn’t get any more layered or spicy than this.

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