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Savory Yogurt

It's not all Greek to us

Spicemode Savory Yogurt

Amar grew up eating savory yogurt with roti for breakfast, made from scratch by Mama Singh so this is one that is truly dear to Spicemode's heart. We just cannot get enough of it. We use it as a dip, as a spread, as a garnish, as a sauce, as a marinade, with meat, with vegetables, with grains, you name it! We are into it. Make it, try it, love it.


Mirchi Seasoning
Plain Yogurt
Kosher Salt
Black peper


  1. Grind a good amount of black pepper on yogurt
  2. Add a generous pinch of salt
  3. Sprinkle Mirchi seasoning to taste
  4. Serve on or with literally anything!