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Spicemode Story


Art Director, Curry Cruiser food truck founder and the creator of Spicemode™ Amar Singh is focused on showcasing a variety of Handcrafted Cooking Sauces to your neighborhood grocery store. Amar’s flavors blends cultures to create a cuisine influenced by his upbringing and refined by his experiences. Experiences of parents migrating to the US from Mynamar, traveling across Asia, and growing up in the culturly diverse city of Chicago. Taking everything he has learned combined with his background in design and his mother’s passion for cooking, Amar created the wonderful flavor combinations that make up Spicemode's flagshipnproduct line of Handcrafted Cooking sauces “Our flavors are Indian inspired and blended with some non-traditional ideas to enhance the food experience."

How did we do it

Spicemode was the result of the menu on Amar’s food truck the Curry Cruiser. He was part of a group of less than a dozen trucks in Chicago at that time. The menu was centered around a handmade flatbread filled with tendar slow - cooked vibrantly spiced curries. Customers loved the style of Amar’s food and found it much tastier and healthier than the creamy curries in Indian resturants. The food truck was reviewed to be the “best curry and indian food” they had ever tasted.

In the summer of 2012 Amar had to close to food truck due to the tough City of Chicago regulations, but he did not want the journey of his flavor to end. “ I looked at the market and saw an opportunity to introduce a specialty food product that would give families the most flexibility and flavor to experience ethnic food” His goal is to make a complex recipes approachable and simple, allowing even the most novice of cooks to cook delicious food. The end result is Spicemode.

For the better part of a year Amar worked in test kitchens to prefect his cooking sauce base. He sourced ingredients from local farms, had spice blends custom made and partnered with a small batch artisanal manufacturer in southern Illinois. Amar is working all aspects of the brand, combining his passion for art and design. Every detail is designed and double checked by Amar ensuring that you are getting the best tasting, freshest, thoughtfully crafted product on the market.