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Fiery Vindaloo

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Go from just cooking dinner to creating cuisine. Our Vindaloo sauce is made to be intense, designed to add flavor to your dishes in a way you never thought possible.

The spice blend is deliciously sophisticated, developed by creating layer upon layer of taste experiences. So while our recipe may be complex, the sauce makes your job easy. Sweet, tangy, with that underlying bold spice—just imagine your food totally transformed.

2019 SOFI Gold Award Winner
2016 Good Food Award Winner

INGREDIENTS : caramelized onion, organic white distilled vinegar, water, organic cane sugar, garlic, ginger, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, serrano peppers, ancho chile powder, cumin, fenugreek, mustard seed, red chile flake, sweet paprika, coriander, peppercorn, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric

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Who Am I?

Classic & full of flavor, Vindaloo is native to the West Indian state of Goa. Named after the Portuguese dish “carne de vinha d'alhos,” which consists of meat marinated in both wine & garlic, Vindaloo is no stranger to packing a punch. Our Vindaloo builds on that tradition and flavors, using local chiles to create a sauce that is bold and flavorful. One taste and you will be hooked!

Braise the Roof

Have the freedom to cook whatever you want with our versatile sauce. Spicemode cooking sauces add a rich, exotic twist to any dish.  Add to your favorite pot roast recipe or make a quick stir-fry by only adding water. Freshen up your family chili recipe or stick to a classic curry. The choice is yours! For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite recipes.

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