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Complete Seasoning Collection

The complete collection of all 5 of Spicemode's signature seasonings. A bold blend of Indian spices layered with several chiles, aromatics and herbs for a complexity unlike anything else you have tasted.

These blends are HOT! Our ingredients are single origin sourced direct from farms in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal from families that have been part of the spice trade for generations. Add a sprinkle or a spoonful to bring new dimensions of flavor to your next meal.

  • Organic Cumin - premium whole seeds from the hills of Sri Lanka with a sweet nutty aroma.
  • Kanthari Chile -  harvested in the Indian state of Kerala. This tiny buy mighty pepper is part of the cayenne family. With a spicy upfront heat, fading away to revel the flavor of the spices, it adds a punch to each blend. 
  • Organic Coriander - shade dried in hills of India our coriander has a rich, fruity aroma with citrusy fragrance of essential oils. 
  • Organic Paprika - mild, rustic flavor and deep hue, our paprika is estate sourced, sun dried and rich tasting.