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Cook Indian Cuisine with Ease

At Spicemode, we create bold, global flavors you can enjoy at home. Our handcrafted cooking sauces load all-natural, fresh ingredients and dozens of spices into each jar, cutting down your cooking time without cutting out taste. Spicemode's thoughtful approach to homestyle Indian cuisine offers you the freedom to sauté, simmer, or braise meats, beans and fresh veggies just the way you want.

Curry is Only the Beginning

Whether you're in the mood for a quick chicken sauté or slow-roasted pork shoulder, Spicemode cooking sauces add a rich, ethnic twist to any dish. Use Spicemode to recreate a traditional Indian curry or to freshen up your favorite chili recipe. Our sauces are the starting point for a perfect home-cooked meal, packed with flavor and full of possibilities.



Naturally, All Natural

We like fresh ingredients as much as you do. Each product in the Spicemode family is made with real, fresh, and whole ingredients, just like a home-cooked meal. Our aromatics are locally sourced from midwestern farms, freshly chopped in-house, and make the perfect base for our small-batch sauces, sauces that we pride ourselves in cooking with care and patience, and without preservatives.

Tradition You Can Taste

Spicemode's artisanal production method takes the time to let our flavors grow. Our recipes begin with sweetly-caramelized onions and a blend of freshly minced garlic, ginger, and chilies. This aromatic mix cooks slowly in our kettles before it is finished with a hand-tailored blend of spices and chile powders. It's a delicate process, but it helps us bring authentic, handcrafted quality, and convenience to your kitchen.



From Our Truck To Your Table

Spicemode is a continuation of the flavorful recipes Amar Singh created for his food truck the Curry Cruiser. The menu centered on handmade flatbreads filled with slow-cooked and vibrantly spiced curries. Customers loved the style of Amar’s food and found it much tastier and healthier than the dishes in most Indian restaurants. In the summer of 2012, Amar decided to park the Curry Cruiser for good due to the tough City of Chicago regulations. Thankfully, his journey with flavor didn't end there.

Bold Flavor by Design

Seeing an opportunity to introduce his well-honed spice blends to the specialty food market, Amar created a product to help give home cooks of all skill levels an approachable and easy way to experience flavorful ethnic food. The end result is Spicemode. For more than a year, Amar worked to perfect his small batch cooking sauces. He sourced ingredients from local farms, created custom spice blends, and partnered with an artisanal manufacturer in southern Illinois. Combining his passion for art and design, Amar works on every detail of Spicemode, ensuring that you get the best tasting, freshest, thoughtfully crafted product on the market.

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